Microsoft Comments on PS4 Reveal

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Microsoft Comments on PS4 Reveal

The first words

by Nicholas Laborde

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

sony logo oxcgnMadness.

It’s all around us.

The PS4 has been unveiled, and the internet is on fire with new information on all of the fantastic new things Sony is doing.

You may be wondering: with such a punch, what does Microsoft think about the PS4 in relation to the next Xbox? Continue reading Microsoft Comments on PS4 Reveal

Crysis 3: “How Far Can We Push This?”: OXCGN’s Interview with Mike Read – Crysis 3 Producer

2012 Headers INTERVIEW

Crysis 3: “How Far Can We Push This?”

OXCGN’s Interview with Mike Read – Crysis 3 Producer

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

crysis-3-oxcgn-screenshot 1February seems to be a huge month for EA, with the release of Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3, both the final installments in their respective trilogies, and both drastically changing the direction of the series.

Where one game moves away from the slow and horrific corridors of space to appeal to a broader audience, the other tries to combine the better features of the previous installments to please its fans.

Crysis 3 interview here

PS4 and Xbox 720 Unveiled: Dev Spills the Beans on Reddit

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PS4 and Xbox 720 Unveiled

Dev spills the beans on Reddit

by Nicholas Laborde

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

next gen consoles oxcgn #1Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s impossible to be a gamer and not be constantly assaulted with rumors about the next-gen consoles.

“I think it will cure cancer,” or “I think world peace will occur,” or even, “It will fix the world economy” are all legitimate claims at this point.

However, the motherload has finally arrived.

A developer choosing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons has spilled the beans on Reddit, giving juicy details about what to expect from the next gen systems.

Buckle up, because it’s fascinating.

Has the next gen been revealed?

We’re Ready For Next-Gen, But Are We Ready To Buy?

We’re Ready For Next-Gen

But Are We Ready To Buy?

by Nicholas Laborde

©2012 Nicholas Laborde

There’s a certain slow burning fever in the game industry near the end of a generation.

Every single day, we await some form of announcement that will disrupt the stagnation period that unfortunately falls at the end of every console generation.

With today’s Wii U news influx, I decided to reflect upon the start of the current generation, and the utter madness that surrounds any console launch.

I can tell you something from my heart: I’m ready for the technological and innovation leaps, but there is no way in hell that I’m anticipating the launch madness.

Are U Ready? Find out…

The Elusive Next Gen: The Depressing Potential Ending of Console Gaming Itself

The Depressing End of a Console Cycle

The Dull Days Before Next Gen

by Nicholas Laborde

©2012 Nicholas Laborde

It’s the end of July.

The Steam sales are coming to an unfortunate end.

There’s aren’t any new huge AAA titles on the horizon until September.

E3 was a fizzling disappointment.

The launch date of the next generation of consoles is still unknown.

The economic crisis is causing innovation to be too risky and every week we hear of more studios cutting back staff or closing.

For lack of a better description, we’re at the ass end of the longest console generation in the history of the industry, and it’s utterly depressing. Continue reading The Elusive Next Gen: The Depressing Potential Ending of Console Gaming Itself

E3-’08’s Top 5 Speculations Part Two from XboxOZ360-gamer

E3-’08’s Top 5 Speculations Part Two from XboxOZ360-gamer

Week 1 (team members Top Picks 6-7-8-9)

by Staff Writers;

© 2006-2008 XboxOZ360-gamer

b“PART TWO: Each year E3 brings with it various “speculations” – Rumours (rumors) and “What-Ifs” spread across the internet, and we here at XboxOZ36–gamer are no different in coming up with our own speculations, rumours and gossip.

In Part Two, we look at other Team Members ideas, wishes and thoughts around E3-’08 and how they might like to see things go when the day eventually rolls on.

“`As explained in Part One, we didn’t want to barrage you with 12 team members thoughts and wishes all at once, aside from it being a huge amount of text, it would just be way too much to digest in one sitting. E3-’08 is no small feat, and therefore requires careful consideration when looking at what might, and what might not appear at the event.

With the ESA loosing support, many of the longer standing supporters will no longer be in attendance, but that doesn’t mean to say the place will be empty of without support. So as in Part One, we are going to let some of the remaining staff members speak for themselves and tell you what interests them most, not just for the 360, but also for the Wii and PS3.

The Top 10 lists that everybody loves will still come (albeit with a twist), but you’ll have to wait till next week for those. In the meantime have a read of our individual contributors Top 5 picks and maybe even get to know a little bit about their gaming likes and dislikes!

As an added incentive, we will be running a “Reader’s Top 10 for E3” the night before E3 ’08 officially begins on July 14-17th 2008. So get those comments flowing on our E3-’08 articles and tell us if someone’s picks/wishes/desires are wrong, dead-on or on another planet! The funniest and cleverest suggestions might just make the list and win you some Mystery “Live” Prizes like MS points, Live subscriptions and some cool XBLA titles.

So let’s continue checking out more What-If’s, Rumours & Prayers for E3 ’08.

Continue reading E3-’08’s Top 5 Speculations Part Two from XboxOZ360-gamer