PS4 and Xbox 720 Unveiled: Dev Spills the Beans on Reddit

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PS4 and Xbox 720 Unveiled

Dev spills the beans on Reddit

by Nicholas Laborde

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

next gen consoles oxcgn #1Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s impossible to be a gamer and not be constantly assaulted with rumors about the next-gen consoles.

“I think it will cure cancer,” or “I think world peace will occur,” or even, “It will fix the world economy” are all legitimate claims at this point.

However, the motherload has finally arrived.

A developer choosing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons has spilled the beans on Reddit, giving juicy details about what to expect from the next gen systems.

Buckle up, because it’s fascinating.

Has the next gen been revealed?

The Top 5 Worst Business Decisions This Generation

The Top 5 Worst Business Decisions This Generation

Gaming’s Biggest Flubs

by Nicholas Laborde

©2012 Nicholas Laborde

This has easily been one of gaming’s most monumental and interesting generations, showcasing a skyrocket in gaming prosperity and attention.

From the United States Supreme Court‘s decision to protect video games under the First Amendment to the disbarment of Jack Thompson, we’ve seen many ups over the past seven-odd years.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen just as many downs.

I now present to you the top five worst business decisions of this generation. Note that I’m specifically discussing the time span between 2005 and 2012.

Shield your eyes…

We’re Ready For Next-Gen, But Are We Ready To Buy?

We’re Ready For Next-Gen

But Are We Ready To Buy?

by Nicholas Laborde

©2012 Nicholas Laborde

There’s a certain slow burning fever in the game industry near the end of a generation.

Every single day, we await some form of announcement that will disrupt the stagnation period that unfortunately falls at the end of every console generation.

With today’s Wii U news influx, I decided to reflect upon the start of the current generation, and the utter madness that surrounds any console launch.

I can tell you something from my heart: I’m ready for the technological and innovation leaps, but there is no way in hell that I’m anticipating the launch madness.

Are U Ready? Find out…

The Elusive Next Gen: The Depressing Potential Ending of Console Gaming Itself

The Depressing End of a Console Cycle

The Dull Days Before Next Gen

by Nicholas Laborde

©2012 Nicholas Laborde

It’s the end of July.

The Steam sales are coming to an unfortunate end.

There’s aren’t any new huge AAA titles on the horizon until September.

E3 was a fizzling disappointment.

The launch date of the next generation of consoles is still unknown.

The economic crisis is causing innovation to be too risky and every week we hear of more studios cutting back staff or closing.

For lack of a better description, we’re at the ass end of the longest console generation in the history of the industry, and it’s utterly depressing. Continue reading The Elusive Next Gen: The Depressing Potential Ending of Console Gaming Itself

The NextBox 720 Dilemma: Next Gen DRM

The NextBox 720 Dilemma: Next Gen DRM

The impact of an anti-used game approach

by exterminat

©2012 Nicholas Laborde

Recently, Kotaku reported that a reliable source hinted to them that the next Xbox may not run pre-owned games.

Words cannot truly fathom what went through my mind (and the corresponding facial expression) upon reading this, and it led to deep thought about this issue.

Pre-owned titles are the life, blood and central source of revenue for corporations such as GameStop, and many others around the world.

What will this do to not only those corporations, but the gaming economy as a whole?

No used games this way…

Microsoft and Sony: 6 Things The NextBox and PlayStation 4 Need

Microsoft and Sony: 6 Things The NextBox and PlayStation 4 Need

We humbly suggest….

by: AxiDer

©2012 Alex Baldwin

With current estimates putting the next Xbox and PlayStation home console launch dates around 2013-2014, this article may seem a bit premature.

After all, there’s still plenty of time before we’re asked to open our wallets again for the latest and greatest lumps of silicon and plastic, right?

For console manufacturers, hardware designs are ‘finalised’ (other than minor tweaks) significantly before release. The Xbox 360 was officially announced on MTV in May of 2005, 6 months before the US release, while the PlayStation 3 was announced a whopping 18 months before Japanese and US release.

Taking the quickest announcement-to-launch period of 6 months for the Xbox 360, further time is needed before announcement for developers to have their hands on development kits to begin creating launch titles that must be ready to stand on show at the console announcement to begin building hype.

While development kits can change as console specification change, generally these are generally minor changes and avoid major architectural changes lest developers be unable to make launch, a critical time for the console.

What the future console needs here