Forza 3 Autoweek Show Pack All 10 Cars Extensively Reviewed – DLC #2

Forza DLC #2 Detroit Autoweek Show review:

by XboxOX360

©2010 Grant Smythe:

So here’s my review of Forza 3’s Detroit Autoweek Show DLC Pack which was released on January 12th (US). All 10 cars are covered in this review, the pack is available from XboxLive for just 400 msp, and as far as I’m concerned, these are well worth the few dollars they ask for them.

I place the cars in order of ‘my personal preferences’ with regards to which car would be the best, through to the least most desirable. Not that any are, but you get the idea. I always look for something a little bit different in my car choices within the game, and don’t always pick the biggest or the most popular. So just grit your teeth and bare with it. Better still, have your say in the comments box below at the end of the review – so long as you abide the TOU and COC, everything is fine.

I add mainly pics of real-world cars so you can get an idea of what these things look like in real life, so that when you get your greasy little paws on them, you can see just how well detailed and rendered they are in-game.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Review – A Knight In Shining Kevlar

A Knight In Shining Kevlar

Alex's twitterby AXIS of Reality

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Batman Arkham oxcgn #13I’m sure a lot of you already reading this have Batman: Arkham Asylum by now on your console of choice (PC gamers need to wait another few weeks).

I’m also sure there are a lot of you out there who have held off on Batman, for a number of reasons: maybe you’re not a Batman fan, maybe you’re saving for other big hitters like Halo ODST and Uncharted 2, or maybe you’re just sitting on the fence waiting to see what people really think when the hype has died down.

That’s why I’m going to do this review in a different way: reasons you should buy Batman: AA and reasons you shouldn’t. There’s also a small section about the differences between console / PC versions at the end.

First, a bit of background info. Arkham Asylum is developed by the relatively unknown Rocksteady Studios, makers of…uh…Urban Chaos: Riot Response last gen. And that’s it.

• Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer

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OXCGN Reviews: Wolfenstein – Achtung B.J.!

Aaron K's Avatarby ChiefJimbolaya

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Wolfenstein oxcgn #10Throughout the history of video games, few enemies have made more appearances or better targets than Nazis.

It is not implausible to estimate at least a trillion digital Nazis have met bloody ends on gaming systems worldwide since Wolfenstein 3D kick started the first-person-shooter genre 17 years ago.

Wolfenstein 3D blazed the trail for id Software’s 1993 release of Doom, which took the gaming world by storm and cemented the genre’s place as a pillar of video game design.

While the latest re-imagining of the franchise is nowhere near as revolutionary as the original, it sticks close to the proven formula and delivers a fun, adrenaline-filled Nazi extermination experience.

• Wolfenstein Trailer

Wolfenstein carries the franchise banner well. The player fills the shoes of OSA agent B.J. Blazkowicz as he investigates Nazi occult research activity in the besieged town of Isenstadt during the height of World War II. But the first time you encounter an invisible blade-wielding Nazi assassin you will realize this is not your typical WWII shooter.

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OXCGN’s Trials HD XBLA Review

Speed, Flip and Crash to your Hearts Content.

shadow waveby Shadow Wave:

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trials-hd-riderIf you’re like me, in moments of extreme boredom you have resorted to playing an online flash game.  Dirt Bike; one of the many flash games was my game of choice. Where you simply controlled a 2d dirt bike and guided it over an obstacle course, which was extremely addictive and fun and sometimes very frustrating.

Trials HD, developed by RedLynx takes that awesomeness and times’ it by 10, bringing HD graphics, physics, level creators, frustration and fun to the Xbox 360 console as a fully fledged arcade title. This is a game that everyone can enjoy if they give it a go as its so simple to play.

Essentially the goal is simple, get your bike across the 2d plane obstacle course and cross the finish line without crashing, and thanks to its very simple controls, almost anyone can give this a go, the right trigger accelerates, left trigger brakes, and the left joystick adjusts the angle of the bike. And that’s it, 4 buttons, this is a ‘pick up and play’ game at its finest.

Trials HD Trailer

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