Sorry, I Have Standards: Objective Look At Backward Progression Of Gaming

Sorry, I Have Standards

Objective Look at Backward Progression Of Gaming

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

We’ve come an extremely long way in such a short amount of time, considering the interactive entertainment medium is relatively a young one.

Since the dawn of the era of the video game, not only have developers constantly been refining and moving forward, but technology has also advanced at an alarming rate, especially in the last half-decade since the release of the current generation of consoles, smartphones and communication devices that serve up an ever increasing number of new games and applications daily.

What does the future really hold . . . ?

Red Dead: Redemptions Hands-On, OXCGN’s Fun In The Saddle

OXCGN gets all gritty with their ‘Hands-On’ of Red Dead: Redemption

by XboxOZ360:

©2010 Grant Smythe:

I’ve wondered about Rockstar San Diego‘s Red Dead: Redemption since seeing it some time ago.

Being a huge western fan, and having played other western genre games in the past, I’ve had mixed feelings about the game as to how it will be accepted by the console gamers of today.

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Red Dead: Redemption Euphoriatic Open World Western A GTA Killer

OXCGN’s Xbox OZ and GrathuisXR give their view on Rockstar’s new Western.

by XboxOZ360

©2009 Grant Smythe:

This is arguably the best sandbox game in the last decade, and the most involved storyline produced by Rockstar to-date. This is the game that the RAGE was built for. The engine was first considered for this game in the initial period of the 360/PS3’s life span.

• Red Dead: Redemption Review

Games such as Rockstar’s Table Tennis, GTA IV, and its following iterations, plus Midnight Club: Los Angeles were games used to basically test the game engine out, and fine tune it for the huge roll that lay ahead for Rockstar San Diego.

Red Dead Revolver was the game’s predecessor, and about the only thing that remotely connecting the two is the ‘Dead-Eye’-Targeting-System that will still be in use in the new game. Other than that, this game is completely new, from ground up.

It is not your everyday Western either. Most gamers think of Western games as something to simply pass the time away on in between ‘decent games’. Not this one. This one will take GTAIV and shift it 180 degrees to the right, and then proceed to roll it over on its head and spit it back out again.

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