Sony: Exclusivity . . . a thing of the past.

Sony admits that the day of Exclusive Publishing is past.

Software sales drive the bottom line, not platform loyalty now.

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I’ve been saying this for at least the last 18 months or more. That 3rd Party Exclusivity with major companies such as Sony, MS and Nintendo will be and is a thing of the past. So it was great to finally get some validation around that when seeing a recent interview with Sony’s president of Sony Computer Entertainment Euorpe David Reeves with

Developers and also 3rd party publishers can no longer afford to adopt the now out dated method of exclusive content for one platform. The cost of game development has risen substantially over the last few years to a point that being exclusive no longer serves the purpose it once did.

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Perfect Dark Zero 2 – Joanna Dark makes her return

Joanna Dark returns in Sequels Perfect Dark Zero 2

xboxoz360_icon581.png   Yet another game quietly working away in the back room while other big AAA titles occupy the headlines.

Rare’s 64 remake of the n64’s flagship, Perfect Dark, which saw a remake and appearance as one of the launch titles for the Xbox360 back in November 2005. Which btw, was almost finished as a 1st-Gen title with just a few months to go before release. But the powers-to-be decided to scrap the lot, and remake it for the 360

It seems Rare have been busy working away at their newest title, which could well see the light of day as early as this Christmas (US) most likely Januray for us over here in Oz. And actually that would be close to the mark. With Rare having slightly over 2 years to work on the title. Hopefully they have addressed some of the niggly issues that seemed to bother some gamers in its initial outing.

Personally I liked the first iteration, and as of yet, have not even skimmed the surface of it. One day I keep saying to myself – one day. Anyhow, here’s some news on the game from someone with good connections within the industry, and has had firsthand news about some of the storyline and game dynamics.


Author: Neelesh Mukherjee
Posted: Monday, October 15th, 2007 at 1:00 am
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Rumor 101: Perfect Dark 2 – Xbox 360’s Next Humungous Killer App

“Microsoft’s in a bit of tangy soup at the moment, with so many mergers, acquisitions and transfers taking place, it seems the industry seems to be poised on a much more global front, majority of developers being engulfed in bigger organizations which push for a multi platform development.

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