Halo Killers Have Very BIG Shoes To Fill

Last Big Bang By Bungie:

Halo Reach Goes Off With A Bang!

by GrathiusXR

© 2010 Arthur Kotsopoulos
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What does Halo: Reach mean for Xbox 360 fans? For FPS games in the future? For future Multiplayer titles that wish to cram as much content onto one disc as Halo: Reach has done?

It means that anything from this day forward will have some pretty big shoes to fill if they want to be even remotely labeled as the Halo Killer- a title that has been floating around since Killzone was revealed and released for the Sony Playstation 2.

Regardless of pledging allegiance to Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo there’s no denying that Halo: Reach does for FPS games today what Halo: Combat Evolved did for the FPS genre almost a decade ago.

It brings a solid campaign with up to 4 players on co-op, a multiplayer component that has been in the making since Halo 2 and is now almost pure perfection and a fleshed out Firefight mode that offers more bang for your buck that most titles released today can offer. Halo Reach’s last stand . . . .

XboxOZ360’s Top 12 Games Overall of 2008 – OXCGN.

XboxOZ360’s Top 12 Games ‘Overall’ of 2008 – OXCGN.

shadowwave-torso1avatar-body3by GrathiusXR & Shadow Wave

©2008 Arthur Kotsopoulos – Ben Cadwallader

We look at the top 12 games from several platforms in order to determine which are the Top 12 Overall Games for 2008, and you might just be surprised at the ‘overall’ winner for 2008 – coming from an Xbox site. OXCGN (aka XboxOZ360-gamer) has always maintained that the staff are “gamers” – not fanbois. Most have more than 2 consoles and platforms to play games on and simply enjoy ‘gaming’ period.

So what better way to round off the year than to take a look at what we believe to be the top 12 ‘overall’ games of 2008. Some of you may agree, disagree or simply sit on the fence, but each game has its merits and each one has been judged on those qualities as well as several other factors which help it stand ahead of the rest.

Please, sit back, grab a drink, and take your time to ‘read through’ the Top 12 Overall Games of 2008, and feel free to let us know of your thoughts in the comments section.  (Ed note: any abusive language will be dealt with with a ban – sorry. We’re not here to be abused, nor are our readers, so some civility please.)

We have several of the Xbox and Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade games reviewed on the site, so you can check those out from the links in each game. Please enjoy.

Fo rthe Top 12 Overal games of 2008, go here . . .

Xbox Rules, But PS3 Must Survive:- Why competition is necessary

Xbox Rules, But PS3 Must Survive

Why competition is necessary

dkpatriarch-torso5by dkpatriarch

© 2008 David Hilton

I can almost hear the the howls of “traitor!” from Xbots now, and the PS3 fanboy missionaries licking their lips in anticipation of a possible convert.  For a writer on an Xbox site to say “the PS3 must survive” may seem unusual, but that’s exactly what I’m saying and I have my reasons.

girls_xbox_360-article_imageI have all three next gen consoles, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I favour my 360 and that I cheer when it is doing well.  Having admitted my bias though, if the current economic crisis and financial losses Sony is taking forces them to jettison support for the PS3 or future consoles, I see a bleak future for gaming.

First let’s look at the current situation.  It all looks like doom and gloom for Sony.  The Internet has been afire with the console wars in full swing after the November U.S. NDP results which saw the PS3 actually drop in sales by 19% compared with November last year (selling 378,000 PS3s this November, compared to 466,000 last year).

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