OXCGN’s Serious Sam HD Review – Full of Freaky Fun

“Here comes trouble!”

by Allegionary

© 2010 Alex Hilton
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Serious Sam HD is a first person shooter that is not at all like the current gen crop. It does not require you to take cover or work out a strategy to defeat a large group of enemies. It only requires your skills at blowing enemies into oblivion with your double-barrelled shotgun, which, perhaps surprisingly, is actually refreshing.

Serious Sam HD is developed by Croteam and published by Majesco Entertainment (Xbox Live Arcade version). The first two Serious Sam games were released in 2002, which are the games that have been remade into the two Serious Sam HD encounters on XBLA. The game that is being reviewed here is Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter.

It is a game for any person who loves a good scare or loves a good old-fashioned plug and play shooter. Kids can even play it because you can set the gore to Kids Level, which has stars come out of the body when it is shot instead of blood.

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