The Crew’s Customisation Trailer Shows Tweaks Giving You That Extra Edge

Ubisoft revealed the latest trailer for their open world racer, The Crew, and it showcases all the different bits and pieces you can customise on your vehicle.

The trailer below shows how you can adjust your specs for a variety of settings and weather including dirt roads and city racing.

The Crew is set for a December 2 release for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Civilization: Beyond Earth’s Latest Trailer Shows Off Opening Cinematic

Here’s the latest trailer to come from producer 2K for Civilisation: Beyond Earth and it’s dubbed “The Chosen” showing the  cinematic introduction of the game.

Included is a simple narrative showing how humans left earth to explore space setting up an easy stepping stone for players to launch into the game.

Civilisation: Beyond Earth comes out next week on October 24 worldwide for PC.

A Look into Gendered Harassment in the Video Game Industry

The filmakers of Gameloading: Rise of the Indies,a feature documentary that delves into the indie games subculture, has released a short video featuring Zoe Quinn and other female video game developers speaking out about the personal harassment they faced in the games industry.

Harassment in the Gaming World features interviews with Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest), Catt Small, Nina Freeman (Code Liberation) and Phoenix Perry and each of them reveal their struggle as a developer and how they were all not taken seriously due to their gender. The interviews shown were filmed between March and May 2014, showing that female harassment of women has been a serious issue before the #GamerGate controversy.

Producer and Editor of GameLoading, Anna Brady, said that she didn’t expect to meet such amazing female developers in a male-dominated industry.

“Female developers are so brave to stay in the industry after the hatred they’ve faced online,” she said. “It’s tragic that women wanting to enter the games industry have to consider whether it’s worth being harassed before committing to a career in games.”

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies can be found on Kickstarter and is set for release in March 2015 on digital device, Blu-Ray, DVD and in select cinemas.

OXCGN’s Xbox One Impressions

X1newsOur writers give their thoughts on Microsoft’s next gen console

The wait is finally over.

The next generation of video gaming is upon us here in Australia, with Microsoft’s Xbox One the first to reach our shores here on the 22nd of November, 8 years to the day of the release of the Xbox 360.

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve gotten our grubby hands on the Xbox One, and like many of you out there, we’ve formed our own opinions on Microsoft’s latest effort.

Therefore, we here at OXCGN have managed to pry ourselves away from our new consoles in order to bring readers our quick impressions of the Xbox One.

Xbox One
Xbox One

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Call of Music! Critical Hit releases Call of Duty Music Video


Call of Music!

Critical Hit releases Call of Duty Music Video

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

CriticalHit_COD_banner_NEWWe brought you news about Critical Hit a few weeks ago regarding their Angry Birds cover, and now to coincide with the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, the guys have released Battle for New York from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Critical Hit are also celebrating the release of their debut album, aptly named Critical Hit: Volume One, which is now available for purchase.

You can check out their latest video right here.

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Titanfall Shows Us How A Collector’s Edition Is Done


Titanfall Shows Us How A Collector’s Edition Is Done

Worthy of its scale!

by Jayden Perry

©2013 Jayden Perry

titanfall-collectors-editionThis morning Respawn Entertainment made two major announcements in regards to their highly anticipated title, Titanfall. The first was the game’s release date, launching on the 13th March 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The second, and more exciting announcement, was that of the game’s Collector’s Edition.
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OXCGN @ EB Games Expo 2013: Day Two Snapshots


OXCGN @ EB Games Expo 2013

Day Two Snapshots

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

Day Two at the EB Games Expo in Sydney saw OXCGN get access to both Indie and Triple AAA titles.

While every gamer and their dog were lining up for hours waiting for highly-anticipated such as Battlefield 4, Titanfall and Call of Duty: Ghosts, OXCGN managed to dodge the lines and check out these upcoming titles.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Mighty QuestOXCGN Staff: Daniel Geikowski

Preview: Hands-On

Impression: Accessible

Thoughts: Ubisoft’s The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is an upcoming free-to-play strategy title.

To be honest, I had never really seen much of Mighty Quest apart from the trailers shown at E3.

Mighty Quest revolves around the acquisition of loot; the aim of the game being to acquire and show off more and more loot.

Each player has their own castle, and must attack others in order to gain loot and experience. Each castle has a range of traps and monsters players must conquer to claim their prize.

Navigation and combat is fairly similar to titles such as Diablo, and any fan of the genre will have no trouble getting into the swing of Mighty Quest.

New players don’t have to fear a steep learning curve, as all various attacks are well displayed and feature explanations of what they involve.

Even someone like myself, who as you know is no strategy pro, found it quite easy to dispatch my foes on my way through the castle.

The great thing here is that these castles have been built by other players.

While Attack Mode has players going through opposing castles in order to acquire loot, said loot can be used in Defence Mode to enhance your own castle.

It’s here where players can show their flair and imagination. Castles can be developed from scratch, with no set way to expand.

Players then use their acquired loot to fill their castles with various monsters and traps to deter players.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the game is a title aimed at children, due to the colourfully animated characters and quirky environments.

You’d be wrong though.

Mighty Quest has a very tongue-in cheek nature, which older gamers will appreciate. It is by no means a kid’s game, more so a title that caters to fans young and old.

Mighty Quest is currently in Beta, so if it’s something that tickles your fancy, head on over to Ubisoft and pick it up.

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OXCGN’s Grand Theft Auto V Review


OXCGN’s Grand Theft Auto V Review

The Perfect Crime?

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

I enjoy the finer things in life.

Whether it’s cruising down the open highway in a convertible, boating on a luxury yacht, shopping in high-end retail stores, golfing,  or senseless murder, Grand Theft Auto V allows me to enjoy all these favoured pastimes from the comfort of my couch.

Featuring more than just stealing cars, Rockstar Games have grown and molded the Grand Theft Auto series over time, into living, breathing worlds that aren’t just a hell of a lot of fun to cause mayhem in, they also poke fun at the society we live in today using their trademark dark humour and satirical nature.

501-1280It’s no secret that every Grand Theft Auto title is one of, if not the most anticipated title in most gamers’ eyes. You only need to hear that Rockstar made $1 billion in the first three days of GTAV‘s release, to understand how popular it is. Synonymous with controversy, the media love to create news about GTA, and people who never play games know of the series.

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