OXCGN’s Victory Graphic Novel (by Weta) Review by Teenage Gamer

by Allegionary (OXCGN’s Teenage Gamer)

© 2009 Alex Hilton

(Editor: Sometimes we are taken with a product that isn’t entirely gaming related, though Weta certainly have been involved with the Halo universe (building a real-life Warthog for the movie currently in limbo).  This Victory graphic novel/ artbook is part of their unique collection of products they produce and sell and we gave our youngest member the opportunity to review it.  Here’s what he had to say.)

“Greetings.  Young Men and Women of Earth.  Welcome to the latest instalment of Victory- a guide to understanding our Solar System and your place in it.”

So begins the graphic novel and artbook Dr Grordbort presents Victory: Scientific Adventure Violence For Young Men & Literate Women. Greg Broadmore wrote and illustrated Victory for Weta which is a company based in New Zealand that builds props like the real life Halo Warthog as well as Master Chief’s Mark VI Spartan Helmet and produces visual effects for movies like Avatar, Lord of the Rings and District 9.  It and the earlier Dr Grordbort books are published by Dark Horse Books.

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What District 9 Can Teach Games. OXCGN Reports

alex's twitterBy AXIS of Reality

© 2009 Alex Baldwin

District 9 oxcgn #37By now most of you would have seen District 9. Great movie, yes?

For most people it came out of the blue, little hype and minimal advertising until its release (at least here in Australia), and while perhaps it will be famous for its origins of rising from the ashes of the Halo movie, most will remember it as being a distinctly different type of sci-fi film, and one that can teach games a thing or two.

• District 9 Trailer

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Can we learn from this . . ?

Halo: ODST Drop Shock Crashes On Sydney’s Cockatoo Island

OXCGN finds a fully functional real-life Warthog !

arthur's twitter avatarby GrathiusXR:

©2009 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Halo 3 ODST Event oxcgn #art 4-1Halo 3: ODST is releasing in just over a month and for the Halo fans the countdown has already begun. Everyone is gearing up for yet another stunning installment of the great Halo franchise.

Bungie, along with Microsoft Australia, held a special V.I.P Halo 3: ODST event on the evening of Thursday 6th of August at Sydney’s Cockatoo Island for fellow Xbox Community Site members and lucky winners of various competitions held throughout the prior week and as always, OXCGN was there to dig through the rubble and report back.

All in all over 100 gamers and site members got their first official glimpse at not only the game, but the only real life Halo Warthog on earth, built by Weta Studios in New Zealand. Everyone was eager to see it in the flesh, touch it, hear it running, and whack their backsides in it – which we all did of course.

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What is Peter Jackson’s, Halo: Chronicles ? We look a little deeper

A deeper look at Peter Jackson’s Halo Chronicles.

Join us while we do a little digging of our own.



©2008 Aaron Bertinetti

“`The rumours have been flying over the last week about a new Halo being unveiled at E3. And since Halo Wars is already confirmed to appear; Bungie appears committed to their new “Superintendent” IP being unveiled next week; and a Halo 4 FPS just doesn’t make much commercial sense when Halo 3 is still going strong, Bungie is busy and Gears 2 wants the limelight this year; our safe bet is on Peter Jackson’s Halo: Chronicles.

Whilst we don’t know much we do know that it has had the collective resources of Bungie, Microsoft (now with former Bungie writing guru Frank O’Connor), Peter Jackson’s Oscar Winning Weta and the more recently formed WingNut Interactive games studio, for more than two years and has seen a significant ramp up in production over the last six months courtesy of some very public job advertisements. Continue reading What is Peter Jackson’s, Halo: Chronicles ? We look a little deeper