OXCGN Reviews Darkest of Days – A Very Bare-Bones, Raw Experience

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[Ed: note to readers – our review was conducted on NTSC version of game, the PAL version in all PAL territories will not be available until March 2010. Why so long . . . we have no idea, perhaps it will be a complete rebuild? – who knows. So unless you have a NTSC Xbox 360, or live in Nth America, then this will have to be on your wish list if you’re in any of the PAL territories – you can however get a taste of it via XboxLIVE’s Demo if you like]

darkest of days oxcgn #84If you could go back in time, would you attempt to change history for personal enrichment or to prevent atrocities?

Or would to restrain yourself in order to preserve the causality that leads to your existence, or in fear of unleashing a worse future by preventing mankind from learning from its mistakes?

That is the question at the heart of Darkest of Days, a new game from Phantom EFX of Cedar Falls, Iowa. The game represents Phantom’s first entry in the first-person shooter genre and its first appearance on the Xbox 360.

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Darkest Of Days: Will Screwing With Space-Time Be Fun?

Darkest of Days Gets Official Launch Date for 360 and PC

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Darkest Of Days was on my Games Gone MIA list, but it did reappear at E3. Strangely though, the Xbox 360 logo and mention of it on 360 seemed to be suspiciously absent from their website which made me wonder if they had scrapped the 360 version.  Apparently not.  The game’s launch day has been announced for both the 360 and PC and that day is September 8, 2009.

The game’s catch-cry is: “Get ready to screw with the space-time continuum on September 8, 2009”, which sounds pretty good to me.  Of course I’m the kind of nerdy guy who as a child in the 1980s read and re-read time machine Choose Your Own Adventure books and went on to study History.

• Darkest Of Days Release Trailer

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