Wake Up Remedy! What Alan Wake 2 Needs to Succeed

ARTICLE_Alan Wake 2

What Alan Wake 2 Needs to Succeed

Wake up, Remedy!

by Nicholas Laborde

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

oxcgn alan wakeSometimes, I feel as if nobody cared about Alan Wake.

Developed by Remedy, who gave us the first two Max Payne titles, it was their first new title and IP after Max Payne 2 in 2003.

In borderline development hell for five years (we saw it at E3 2006 but didn’t get it until May 2010, for crying out loud!), it came a long way before we finally got it.

After seeing moderate success on the Xbox 360, one “sequel” was delivered digitally – Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – and managed to retain the formula while still being very Alan Wake.

American Nightmare performed solidly, and then both titles were very successfully ported to the PC via Steam.

Recently, the Alan Wake Facebook page had a tease saying that we’ll soon be seeing what Remedy has been up to all this time.

Considering that both titles ended with the ominous message “Alan Wake’s journey through the night will continue,” I think it’s safe to say that Alan Wake 2 is in development.

With that in mind, here is exactly what Alan Wake 2 needs to succeed.

Wake up, over here!

E3 2012: Sea of Mediocrity? No big surprises, but should there be?

E3 2012: Sea of Mediocrity?

No big surprises, but should there be?

by David Hilton

©2012 David Hilton


Disappointment abounds.

That’s the sentiment I see repeated all over the place about E3 2012, and specifically, with the possible exception of Ubisoft, the big conferences.

Often it is a case of announcements that were hoped for not appearing, like the next gen (despite the fact it was stated there would be no next gen announced) or the fact that we knew most of the announcements going in.

Or, in the case of the Wii U, a feeling of scepticism or, in the case of the PS Vita, a stunned “where are the games and price cut”?

There were very few surprises.

A “sea of mediocrity” as one commenter put it.

But does this mean E3 2012 is a big disappointment?

No.  Not for those who like games, and particular promising new IPs.

Is this E3 mediocre or just what is should be? Look here

Microsoft and Sony: 6 Things The NextBox and PlayStation 4 Need

Microsoft and Sony: 6 Things The NextBox and PlayStation 4 Need

We humbly suggest….

by: AxiDer

©2012 Alex Baldwin

With current estimates putting the next Xbox and PlayStation home console launch dates around 2013-2014, this article may seem a bit premature.

After all, there’s still plenty of time before we’re asked to open our wallets again for the latest and greatest lumps of silicon and plastic, right?

For console manufacturers, hardware designs are ‘finalised’ (other than minor tweaks) significantly before release. The Xbox 360 was officially announced on MTV in May of 2005, 6 months before the US release, while the PlayStation 3 was announced a whopping 18 months before Japanese and US release.

Taking the quickest announcement-to-launch period of 6 months for the Xbox 360, further time is needed before announcement for developers to have their hands on development kits to begin creating launch titles that must be ready to stand on show at the console announcement to begin building hype.

While development kits can change as console specification change, generally these are generally minor changes and avoid major architectural changes lest developers be unable to make launch, a critical time for the console.

What the future console needs here