What online gaming should be about – OXCGN’s Red Faction: Guerrilla Playdate

They said let there be destruction and by god was there destruction!

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Friday 26th June 2009 saw over 40 gamers from Australia to America get our ass to Mars for a night of  destruction, jetpacking around the baron wastelands of Mars and making doors where there were none, in Red Faction: Guerrilla. In OXCGN.com’s 5th Community Playdate, co-hosted alongside ThatAussieGameSite with special appearance from the guys over at Thumbpad.com we set out to have the most explosive community playdate to date!

• Red Faction: Guerrilla Fun Times

COme check out the explosive action . . . >

Some Street Fighter IV News Just In From Our Friends At THQ & CAPCOM

Some Street Fighter IV News Just In From Our Friends At THQ & CAPCOM

1: OXCGN has a Street Fighter IV online free-for-all in May.

OXCGN & THQ take on ALL Challengers May 22nd

OXCGN has managed to secure TWO Playdates in May. Number 1 is May 1st with Atari’s The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena, and the second is a very Special OXCGN & Publishers Playdate on May 22nd involving THQ Australia.

These OXCGN/Publisher Playdates are a new way OXCGN is looking at getting both publishers and gamers together in a one-on-one gaming situation.

Publishers are real people remember, and they do play games just like you.

THQ Australia will be the Co-Players alongside OXCGN on Friday, May 22nd at the usual time of 8pm – 11pm (or later) when Team OXCGN & THQ take on all challengers.

THQ Australia will have two people joining up with Team OXCGN to take on challengers with Street Fighter IV on Friday evening, May 22nd 8pm – 11pm AEST (it may go later of course) over XboxLIVE via Xbox.com.au’s Official Playdate Events.

THQ will be supplying some great prizes for the evening so make sure that you hit up some of OXCGN’s team members to be included. More specific details will follow.

To join in on the fun, simply hit up a Friends Invitation to the following Team OXCGN members:


• Sutton Dagger


Full SFIV Tournament details here . . .

OXCGN’s Left4Dead Community PlayDate – Another Resounding Success.


OXCGN’s Left4Dead Community PlayDate

Another Resounding Success Story

©2009 Grant Smythe:- EIC
Death, Destruction & Mayhem...
Death, Destruction & Mayhem...

OXCGN’s PlayDates are part of Microsoft’s Official XboxLIVE Calender for the various Xbox Community sites and other gaming entities to participate in each month. It offers the perfect opportunity to get gamers mixing and talking with those that supply the information about gaming, community events, issues and various other gaming media information.

OXCGN is proud to have other sites joining us on the evenings and will ideally eventually have some publishers joining us on nights where their games are being played. That way the gamers can play against the various publishers such as Atari, THQ, Ubisoft, 2KGames etc. This really breaks down the walls between gamer and publisher, getting the average gamer to see that those who publish and develop the games are not just faceless names but people who love gaming just as much as anyone else. They are not just in it for the money, but also for the love of gaming.
For the 4 players lowdown on Left4Dead Playdate . . .

OXCGN Welcomes April XboxLIVE Playdate


OXCGN Welcomes April XboxLIVE Playdate

Get ready to do some serious zombie killing….

oz-torso1by XboxOZ360

©2009 Grant Smythe:- EIC

Well another month down and higher on the scale OXCGN goes. And with events like this, who can blame players for wanting to join in. MS Xbox-Div Australia has just launched its revamped Community Pages here in Australia and with it, the introduction of the excellent Community Playdates.

Our second for us this year is to be held on Friday 10th April @ 8pm – 11.00pm AEST with the nerve rackingly fast paced – Left 4 Dead. WARNING Will Robertson – warning!! – this is not a game to play by yourself at home in the dark on a cold windy moonless night. So make sure you join up with some friends and get seriously deadly with others across XboxLIVE.
OXCGN’s April Playdate full details here . . .

THQ’s Street Fighter IV Media Tournament


THQ’s Street Fighter IV Media Tournament

Capcom’s found the best of friends…

twodogsz-upper-torso6by TWODOGSz

©2009 Aaron Bertinetti:- NE (News Editor)
Don't mess with this Chun Li & Ryu, as you might come off second best.

Here at OXCGN we increasingly get invited to a whole host of events put on by developers and publishers alike.

Some are good, some are ordinary, and some are missed opportunities. But once in a while they are full of awesome. THQ, in bed with Mango and Capcom, did just that last month.

On a warm Sydney night with a head scarf and a slightly inflated ego OXCGN attended a fantastic event all in the name of Street Fighter IV. What’s remarkable is literally nine days earlier Street Fighter IV didn’t have a distributor here in Oz because the local distributor Red Ant went bust!

Check out our Street Fighter IV adventures . . .