OXCGN’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review


OXCGN’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

Turn-based strategy returns!

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

In a market full of shooters and sports titles, XCOM: Enemy Unknown seems to have invaded the holiday formula to shake things up a bit.

Being released just after Borderlands 2 and Darksiders 2 but before the blockbuster shooters such as Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black ops 2, it’s great to see some much needed variety that requires a deep trance of strategy.

Here, however, there’s a steep price to pay in terms of your sanity when playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown, as the game most of the time can incomprehensibly frustrate the player and cost the lives of soldiers that you’ve come to train and love.

It’s one of the games biggest drawing points, the fact that when a soldier dies on the battlefield you’ve lost him for good.

What you haven’t lost how ever are the weapons and armour he/she was equipped with so essentially you just lose their abilities, which in hindsight isn’t such a bad thing.

XCOM Turn Based Strategy here

OXCGN’S XCOM: Enemy Unknown Competition

OXCGN’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown Competition

Win games, shirts and keyrings!

by Nicholas Laborde

©2012 Nicholas Laborde

XCOM is a franchise near and dear to the hearts of many.

While some are anxious about the first person reboot, many will feel at ease with the more traditional style of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, releasing this week.

OXCGN has partnered with 2K to give away t-shirts, keyrings and copies of the game.

Are you humanity’s last hope?

Enter for your chance to win cool stuff!

OXCGN’s E3 2012 Snapshot: Day 3: New Games Previewed

OXCGN’s E3 2012 Snapshot: Day 3: New Games Previewed

Even more bite-sized previews

by David Hilton

©2012 David Hilton


Games are ultimately what draws the press from around the world to Los Angeles for E3.  The chance to see, play, and preview the newest announced or displayed games from around the globe.

But that’s just for the press.

We don’t want you to completely miss out though, or wait for long detailed descriptions on the games you want to know about now.

So we are running around like chickens with our heads chomped off (by ZombiU zombies?) to give you mini-previews of as many games as possible.

Each day we’re going to list a short snippet regarding each game, listing what we “got” – whether that is hands-on time, a trailer, et cetera – our impressions based upon that, and then our thoughts.

Click Here for Day 1

Click Here for Day 2

Impressions are judged with a badge based upon the impression itself.

Green: game looks fantastic, polished and basically a guaranteed winner

Yellow: game looks great, but there’s a bit of uncertainty or something that didn’t quite work right

Orange: game is shaping up, but needs some work.

And now, let’s get down to business!   Day 3!

E3 Day 3 2012 Game previews, click here

E3 2012: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Top Secret Preview

E3 2012: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Top Secret Preview

Briefing you on a ‘need to know’ basis

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Not to be confused with XCOM the First Person Shooter developed by 2K Marin, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the Real Time Turn-Based RPG strategy game developed by Firaxis, the company behind the Sid Meier franchise.

You may have read countless other previews regarding Enemy Unknown and have learned that the previewer has experienced the original titles in the franchise.

I’m about to break from the norm as I’ve never played the original XCOM games, so if you continue to read after this what you’ll get is the insight from an open and fresh gamer’s mind.

Set up in a meeting room a few levels up from the lobby of the hotel the preview was being held at, I couldn’t help but feel that the cold and rainy weather viewable from the balcony of the room was the perfect setting for getting my hands dirty defeating the alien scum that has decided to invade Earth.

Sitting in the executive chairs in front of large TV’s with XCOM: Enemy Unknown running in the background, we were briefed on what we’d get to see and what we would get to play.

We begin our briefing with an exclusive hands off demo that only high clearance level operatives were allowed to see.

XCOM this way