oxcgn game releases-“C”

Extensive listing of Xbox360 games heading your way in 08 - 09
Extensive listing of Xbox360 games heading your way in 08 - 09

New Xbox 360 Titles Coming

Biggest known Xbox 360 “new” game listing ever !

by XboxOZ360

©2005-11 Grant Smythe all rights reserved:

All listed under “C”

Call Of Duty 7: FPS by – Activision / Tryarche – Release date TBA. Game has been officially comfirmed and details elsewhere in the listings. More information on the Call Of Duty franchise as it happens.


Castle Wolfenstien 2: (working title) (FPS) – by Activision / Raven Software – Released date TBA (Further Information) and (New announcement on release) as well as (Planet Wolfenstien Forums) plus (Recent screens/news). id Software’s newest chapter in the legendary Wolfenstein series delivers players deep behind the enemy lines of a war-torn Germany, where Nazi experiments with technology and the supernatural threaten to turn the tide of World War II. Utilizing a revolutionary new graphics technology targeted specifically at next generation hardware, the new Wolfenstein experience will draw players into a world of unmatched exploration, action, and espionage.

Chaos Head Noah: (Adventure) – by / 5pd – Release date (Jp) TBA. (Official Website). There is no real news on this yet, as the news that is out is only in Japanese and way too hard to deal with for this listing. Once more news appears, we’ll most certainly pop it up here for everyone. We will place a few Japanese games up in the listing, then eventually ad more. With the inclusion of Japanese and US centric games, the list would be significantly larger.

Citizen Siege: – by Pub TBC / Oddworld Inhabitants (Lorne Lanning)  – Release date TBA (Further information). Game is said to still be in development, but time will tell on this one. it is an ambitious project by Lorne Lanning and his team at Oddworld Inhabitants, Citizen Siege is a multimedia project conceived both as a CG movie project and a videogame. The movie will be set in a frightening near future where democracy has all but disintegrated under the rule of global corporatism.

Citizen Zero: (tbc –but is under development) – by Micro Forté – Released date TBA (Further Information) or (Official Site). Here’s a (YouTube) walkthrough and is definitely (not dead) – yet. Micro-Forte is a company that has more than just a mind-bending MMO engine under their bracket. The company has been working their butt off on a next-generation MMO, for what seems like forever. A lot of people are easily under the impression that the game’s development has been halted. However, In a preview of Citizen Zero John De Margheriti, the CEO of Micro-Forte, revealed last year that “progress on the game is moving very slowly.”, but John admitted that the game was more than 60% complete, and that it was being overhauled “…for next-gen consoles and platforms”.

City of Metronome: (modern action adventure) – by Team Tarsier – Release date TBA (Further Information) or (Official Site). Venture into the city of Metronome, a sprawling mass of haphazardly built houses and makeshift machinery where the outlandish inhabitants are carrying out their chores day and night. A city where the life of every citizen is dictated by the Corporation, a single bureaucratic entity that owns all the land, the entire infrastructure and all the industries. Filled with a strange desire to work, nobody seems to find time to pause and question the actual purpose of the city.

Cipher Complex: (FPS) – By Pub TBC / Edge Of Reality – Release date TBA (Further Information) and (Trailer available here) and (screens). Still being discussed around the traps. Cipher Complex centers around an Agent Cipher (aka Lt. Col. John Sullivan), a black ops type who is sent on a secret mission into Siberia to investigate why a decommissioned Russian missile station has suddenly become operational again. Unfortunately, the Russian government hasn’t been forthcoming on the matter, so Agent Cipher has to sneak in to investigate, where the mission is such that the U.S. government can claim plausible deniability should something go wrong.  So, that in mind, players cannot afford to screw up lest they wish to find the good colonel rotting in a gulag.

Clown Combat: (F-TPS) – by Pub TBC /Eagle Claw Studios – Release date TBA (Further Information). We’ll keep you informed as to the outcome of this titles. Clown Combat is a shooter designed in the style of games like Unreal (and running on the Unreal 3 engine) made for more family-style levels of mass appeal. It’s fast-paced, bolstered by cutting-edge graphics, and played in either single-player or multiplayer modes, but it’s less violent and brutal than the majority of FPS games.

Codename: Panzers- Cold War Next-Gen: (Action) – by 10Tacle Studios/Stormregion – Release date TBA (Further Information) or (More News) plus (Recent ’08 interview). It’s the Cold War, so World War II is over. You’ll see some of the heroes from the former games appear. The story pretty much comes down to an airplane crash over Berlin, and it’s a Russian fighter and an American supply plane. This is what sparks the war. The Soviets invade Berlin, and you play on the NATO side and then on the Soviet side later on in the campaign. There’s one big campaign with 18 missions – it’s a campaign without any breaks in between.


CrimeCraft: (MMO) – by Pub TBC / Vogster Entertainment – Release date TBA (Further Information) and (screens) plus character designs. CrimeCraft is an innovative massively multiplayer online game developed by Vogster Entertainment. The game is set in a modern world. Players will take part in the political, economical and social life of a big city. They will run businesses, engage in commerce, and suffer the consequences of confrontations with criminal groups and shadowy law enforcement figures. Powerful AI will support the constantly changing atmosphere of the streets and enable players to feel the live pulse of the Megapolis.

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Thanks for visiting, share us
Thanks for visiting, share us

We want to thank you for taking the time to read through the listing, and if you note any discrepancies within the listing, please email us so we can correct it, or at least explain the reason for the games inclusion. If you find any game missing that you know of, then please do tell us about it, and we will add it to the listing asap.

But do provide at least 2 valid URL’s, which contain pictures/media, decent article or information on the game you have found.

The publications used in supplying information for this listing are a great source of information (not everything is on the web) as well as many other web-based game listing sites. This process takes a great deal of time and energy, so please don’t go blaming us if the information is incorrect, we have done the very best we can to make the list as detailed as possible, and can NOT be held responsible for any incorrect information.
Please remember, that this OXCGN 360Game Release Listing is not designed to be a fully definable listing, just the best listing we can muster – at the time of writing.
© 2005-09 Grant Smythe. All rights reserved


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